Innovating General Practice in Redditch

Welcome to Kingfisher Primary Care Network. We are five partnerships accross six sites based in Redditch, Worcestershire who are working together to develop new and better ways to meet the diverse needs of our patients.

Patients Served

Kingfisher PCN serves 59,624 patients:

  • St Stephens Surgery including Maple View Medical Centre - 17,111
  • Hillview Medical Centre - 9,927
  • Elgar House Surgery - 14,636
  • The Dow Surgery - 12,368
  • The Bridge Surgery - 5,582


About the Kingfisher Primary Care Network

General Practice is at the heart of care delivery in the NHS and is the first and most commonly used point of access to healthcare. Since the NHS was first developed in 1948, the population has continued to grow and with access to new technologies and treatments, people are living longer and with much more complex needs. In order to respond to these changing needs, Primary Care Networks (PCNs) have been developed.

Kingfisher PCN practices (St Stephens Surgery including Maple View Medical CentreHillview Medical Centre, Elgar House Surgery, The Dow Surgery and The Bridge Surgery) have a long history of working closely together and since 1st July 2019, the 6 member practices formed Kingfisher PCN and are working together developing new and better ways to meet the diverse needs of our patients. The PCN works together with other healthcare professionals and the voluntary sector to deliver a wider range of services for the future, whilst protecting the core services upon which we all depend. The vision for Kingfisher PCN is to share experience and skills and develop opportunities to bring new local services and thereby improve our population’s wellbeing. Kingfisher PCN will build a sustainable future, working together with community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services to enable greater provision of proactive, personalised, coordinated and more integrated health and social care.


Patient Participation Group

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) consists of patients who wish to be involved in the local practice whilst taking an active role in the development of local health services.

The purpose of the group is to facilitate patients and the practice staff working together to share ideas to help improve the services offered at the practice in addition to sourcing out any local community services that would help enhance aspects of the patients lives.

Have your say! Come and join us to share ideas and help improve our services...